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Dance With The Shadow
Dance With The Shadow

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Manon Von Gerkan, RIP Seymour  In 2002 I had the pleasure to work with veteran cha.. 70
R.I.P. Seymour 🥀 In 2002 I had the pleasure to work with veteran character actor Seymour Cassel for the tv series “Nero Wolfe”. The instant we met, we were like two peas in the pod, inseparable, hanging out every chance we got in-between takes. We became good friends quickly and remained in touch for years to come. Around ‘02 Wes Anderson was casting for his movie “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou”. Seymour, who was already booked for the film, suggested me for the role of Anne Marie Sakowitz, the sunbathing script supervisor. He thought I was perfect for it. I received the script, practiced my lines and then called him to get his input on how I should best prepare for the audition and what to wear 😳 (her character appeared topless throughout the entire film). I was totally ok with doing the audition with bare breasts, to assure being in true character, but here was my problem, at which moment (and how exactly ???) would I remove my top ??? Should I ask the casting director once the camera was rolling “hi, my name is Manon, and I will be removing my top now, ok ?” In true Seymour fashion he wasn’t worried about my performance or if I had the lines down perfectly, but was adamant about One thing and One thing Only : that the character was believable !! So he said : “well Manon, you know it’s against the law to deliver an audition in the nude, if you ask for permission, they will decline your request, so the only option here is for you to arrive in character.” And with that he meant, arrive at the audition in character, come out of the elevator, sign-in and wait my turn in the lobby, and walk into the audition room TOPLESS, how else ?” I don’t remember why I didn’t follow through, but I did chicken out on baring my breasts in public, nailed the audition, heard I was one of the final choices, but didn’t book the job. Robyn Cohen got it and she did an outstanding performance. No question she was the one for this role. I love that film so much. And just for giggles, once in a blue moon, a thought crosses my mind, that I could have maybe, just maybe, landed that role, had I listened to Seymour’s advise. ... continued in comment ↓

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