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The Future Of Possible


Dance With The Shadow
Dance With The Shadow

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Dji, Hey DJICreator Your DJIWhyIFly submission have been filled with .. 8
Hey #DJICreator! Your #DJIWhyIFly submission have been filled with joy, reflection and inspiration. Whether you fly drones for fun, for work, for the greater good, or just enjoy catching a glimpse from a new perspective, we hope the experience continues to be memorable. There will never be only one way to define the meaning of flying. It’s unique and special to each and everyone of us. Here are some of your submissions that inspired us: 01 - @t_balll 02 - @camilladellion 03 - @aero.aus 04 - @1mk0m4r 05 - @joost_glaser 06 - @sandrinehecq 07 - @graysoneking 08 - @joshedwardsfilms 09 - @bachir_photo_phactory 10 -

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